Second Chance Life-Values Program
The "Second Chance-Life Values" Program is our most widely accepted program. This program is designed to fit the needs of almost any offender and can be altered by the instructor to fit the offenders attending the program on any given day. This program is currently being utilized by the Beltrami County, Hubbard County and Clay County.
The goal of this alternative sentencing program is to provide the offender with information concerning the negative effects of criminal activity and their involvement in general crime, gangs and drug abuse. This course also provides the offender with positive information on harm reduction and self-help.

Upon completion of this alternative sentencing program, the offender will recognize that his or her criminal actions have a negative effect on them and the people around them. The offenders will recognize that their offenses often lead to more severe criminal conduct as well as physical harm to themselves. The offender will also understand how to prevent further harm to themselves and know that there are options to criminal behavior as well as organizations and agencies that are available to assist them.

The "Second Chance-Life Values" Program is an educational alternative to or in conjunction with fines or incarceration. This program is designed with the misdemeanor offender and "first offender" felon in mind.

Utilizing the "Second Chance-Life Values" Program would result in great cost savings to the community and allows the Courts to exhibit their concern for all aspects of the Courtsí responsibilities to the community as a whole. This program offers the offender an opportunity to recognize his wrong doings and rehabilitate their character, thus becoming a more productive citizen.

As an educational alternative to incarceration, "Second Chance-Life Values" Program will educate the offender about the cause and effect of criminal activity. The one day course will show the negative effects of criminal activity such as shoplifting, vandalism, gang involvement, drug abuse and other commonly committed offences. It will also offer some alternatives to criminal behavior and "Harm Reduction" information to help keep the drug abuser safe as they make an effort to stop their abuse.

"Second Chance-Life Values" Program was designed with the misdemeanor offender in mind. It focuses on the most commonly committed offenses. It is also designed with a certain level of failure expected. The offender may have to take "A Second Chance" more than once before he or she gets the message that their criminal activity hurts them selves, their families and their community.

"Second Chance-Life Values" Program was designed as an alternative to incarceration. The cost of incarceration is skyrocketing and everyday the Courts are forced to take action to prevent our jails from being over crowded. At an estimated cost of $250 just to book an incarcerated offender and an additional $50 or more a day to maintain him or her, utilization of this program could save the community HUGE sums of tax dollars.

As an Alternative Sentencing Program, "Second Chance-Life Values" Program will educate the offender as to the damage his or her criminal activity causes with the intent of changing their criminal behavior.

This program is easily utilized as a deferred sentencing option that allows the offenders to keep their records clean and or keep the offender from being incarcerated. Additionally, this program can be tailored to fit the needs of the offender.

This program utilizes lecturers, slides and videos to accomplish its goals. The instructors are experienced law enforcement officers with a background in dealing with these types of offenders and the crimes they commit.

Offenders will be supplied handout materials that will support the information given by the instructors.

Upon successful completion of the program, offenders will be given a certificate of completion that the offender can return to the Court, if required.

A.S.P.E.N. will supply the Court with a list of attendees and/or no shows upon request of the Court.
Donít Forget...
The offender pays for this program.
It costs the Court nothing.
ASPEN "Second Chance Life-Values" is an educational alternative to or in conjunction with fines and/or incarceration.
ASPEN is designed for:
• Underage Alcohol Crimes
• Marijuana Possession
• Misc Drug Related Crimes
• D.W.I.
• OFP Violation
• Shoplifting
• Traffic Related Crimes
• Domestic Assault
• Probation Violation
• Disorderly Conduct
• Misdemeanor Assault
• False Info to a Police Officer
• Obstructing Legal Process
• Damage to Property
The presiding court would have the discretion to sentence offenders to the Alternative Sentencing Program, based on the court's belief that the offender would benefit from it.
Community Programs
Strengthening Communities and Families

"Knowledge is Power" is a community-oriented program that educates our community members with first hand information regarding criminal activity and drug related activity that takes place close to home, as well as in our society.
"Knowledge is Power"
Our Community Awareness Programs are presented by the same instructors that teach our "Second Chance-Life Values" program. ASPEN's instructors are knowledgeable, educated, have the personal experiences and professional expertise in the following areas:
• Methamphetamine
• Domestic Violence
• Sexual Assault
• Alcohol and Drug Abuse
• Crimes of Violence
Our Mission
"Knowledge is Power" program is to educate our communities to reach a better understanding on how alcohol, drugs, domestic violence and sexual assault crimes affect our community. Our belief is to educate as many people regarding criminal activity. You will be able to recognize it and fight it. Knowledge is the most powerful tool we have.
Targeted Audiences
• Schools.
• Civic Groups
• Business Organizations
• Parent Groups
• Church and Youth Groups
• Community Education

This program focuses on information everyone in the community needs to know and will be helpful in dealing with children and adults who suffer from substance abuse.

Videos used in our "Knowledge is Power" program are produced by the ASPEN Media Production crew and are persons who have been personally affected by the use of drugs, alcohol, domestic and sexual assault. These are people with real first hand stories. Some have a happy ending and some do not, but all the videos are sure to make an impact on your life.
"Knowledge is your only weapon to help battle for your loved one's life."
ASPEN of New Mexico

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