Student Comments
"Dear Steve, Jeff, and Rick,
   I was at the class today, November 29th, and I just wanted to say thanks. I didn't have time to stay and talk afterwards due to having the home monitor device hooked up at my house, so I thought I would send a thanks through e-mail. I have been through an alcohol course before, but I really enjoyed this one because it wasn't uptight, no judgments were held, and opinions weren't forced upon anyone. I learned a lot and really liked the teaching methods. The presentation was great and I just wanted to say thanks again."

"Dear Aspen Team,
   Thanks for a great class. (student name) said she really enjoyed it. She would go again she said just to hear it all again. Thanks so much for all you do. She was impressed. Keep up the great work. you are making a difference."
   (student's mother)

"This is a very good class for people if they use what they get from it. I appreciate what you taught me today."

"Just the fact that I did something stupid enough to get myself here. Overall I think it's a good class and I'm glad to see that there are people out there willing to help other people no matter what got them here. Thank You!"

"I thank you all for carrying out this class in such a non judgmental and compassionate manner."

"It all impacted me, I've learned a lot of what we went over in the past few years. How the effects of my actions can affect my future, that has been an eye opener. Thank you."

"Drugs, I never had any intention of doing them, but after learning more about them, I will NEVER try them."

What part of the Aspen class will have the most impact on you and why?

"The part about Drinking and Driving. It made me realize how dangerous and stupid it is."

"Just knowing that it could have been a lot worse. I was one of the lucky ones."

"Drinking and Driving this class really shows you in detail the effects of drinking and driving."

"The whole entire course was very interesting. I learned more effects on Alcohol abuse more than I ever known it will make me think twice about driving drunk."

"Knowing the laws-easier not to break them if you know them"

"Seeing the videos of actual people that went through the drug and or alcohol abuse because it shows that it can happen to anyone"

"The fact that knowing your whole life or somebody elseís life can be taken or seriously injured just from a choice you made."

"Rethink consequences of my actions more thoroughly-a very large wakeup call"

"The fact that what I choose will affect a lot of people and I should think before I do anything stupid"

"Proof that people have changed and bettered themselves that I can too."

"The effects and the aftermath of drugs and alcohol abuse and most of all breaking the laws that can hurt me and my family."

"Understanding the consequences of poor choices defiantly hit me how risky the last few years have been."

"The videos because I know there real and the things that have happened to people can make you open your eyes to reality."

"The commitment sign that was up all day, because I have been trying to change and that sign made me realize that I have too."

"The controlled substance part. I thought I knew almost everything but just listening to some people talk it really made me think of how stupid and selfish some of my choices have been."

"The real world situations on job opportunity and since I made a bad choice I have to work that much harder."

What part of the Aspen class will have the least impact on you and why?

"I donít have a least, I learned all aspects of the program, it helped me realize how important it is to stay sober and make better choices in my life."

"None of the parts had a least impact on me-the class was very good"

"I took every segment seriously and most of all itís a privilege to have my drivers license and not to abuse that privilege by drinking and driving"

"I would say none! All of it will affect my decisions for the rest of my life. It really opened my eyes."

Additional Comments:

"I feel that this is an excellent form of educating people about crimes and what the effects are on you."

"Thanks guys for everything you guys opened my eyes better."

"I like the quote about commitment. "Either youíre in or youíre out."

"I appreciate the instructors for their time and the way they talked and shared some of their experiences working with the law enforcement."

"Wow! What an eye opener! I really enjoyed the facts, stats, consequences we talked about. It really changed my view of underage drinking and how serious it is. I think my decisions are drastically going to change! Thanks!"

"Having the friendly humorous instructors teaching us made everything more fun and interesting"

"Powerful!! I will think about what I learned for time. Thank You"

"The next time I decide to get into a car drunk, I will be in the passengerís seat and a sober person will be driving."

"It was a very eye opening experience knowing more people are involved in specific lifestyles(time for a change) well worth the $100."

"Being able to talk knowing nobody will judge you and actually being able to laugh about some situations was a big plus."

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